Candidate Database and Bookings Management, along with Timesheet collection and Processing

According to research conducted by HR Review (2015), Recruiters lose one day a week to administrative tasks. By using our services we let you focus on winning new business, doing what you do best, leaving us to do the rest.

Within the EzyAdmin service offering we provide you with our online candidate and timesheet management software to help streamline your bookings and make sure you always invoice for the correct amount

Features include:

  • Candidate Management – allows you to store and access all candidate information, documents and contracts – managing your work force effectively.
  • Client Management – manage your own client database which encourages more communication and better transparency.
  • Bookings and Queries – Easily add and manage multiple candidate bookings and queries.
  • Raising invoices
  • Ensuring AWR and RTW compliance

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Temporary worker and Contractor payroll

We fully understand that a happy workforce will vastly increase your relationship with your clients and make your lives so much easier. That’s why we always go the extra mile to ensure that your workers get paid on time, and that any queries are quickly dealt with. We use our online portal to register and onboard your new contractors quickly. Then once set up they can continue to use this to access their payslips, raise queries or requests 24 hours a day, or chat online with our highly trained payroll staff.

Furthermore, we are able to give you and your client’s access to this same online portal to make timesheet collection as painless and accurate as possible.

Our payroll model is not only fully compliant with the latest HMRC legislation, it is also extremely cost effective. Giving you the edge needed to win business in a market that is becoming increasingly competitive. Isn’t it time you outsourced this relatively simple but vital task to a team you can trust?

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Working Capital Funding

Do you have the financial resources to pay all of your contractors, temps and in-house staff on time, every time? We take away the uncertainty and give you the stability and financial resources needed. We can provide you with funding up to 100% of the gross profit, risk free, at no extra costs or hidden fees – so say goodbye to cash flow headaches and hello to contract profit.

Our main benefits include:

  • Highly Competitive Rates
  • No minimum monthly usage fees
  • No annual turnover restrictions
  • One point of contact for your funding and admin requirements

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