The Problem

Have you ever dreamt about being your own boss and setting up a recruitment agency of your own? You are good at your job and you know how to win business. Isn’t it time you went it alone and started enjoying a bigger slice of the profits? 

Sounds tempting doesn’t it?

But…you have all these nagging doubts: “How am I going to fund my new business? I’m not very good at admin, how am I going to keep on top of the paperwork? How do I find the time to manage the cash flow and still run my desk?”

Whilst you are trying to manage all of the above, where do you find the time to resource candidates and win new clients?

The Solution

Have you thought of an ‘ezy’ option? Would you like the chance to have your own readymade recruitment ‘business-in-a-box’, leaving you free to focus on winning new business and managing your clients?

Ezy Recruit removes the stress by managing all those time consuming, labour intensive tasks that can make it harder for you to get your business off the ground. From marketing and financial support to help with resourcing candidates and processing payroll, we’ll provide you with a ready-made recruitment business, where you are the sole director and shareholder, leaving you free to focus on winning new business and managing your clients.

We have decided to turn the traditional back office outsourcing model on its head! With Ezy Recruit you effectively outsource your services to us instead of the other way around! In particular you outsource your skills in sales and recruiting candidates, and charge us a handsome fee for doing so!!

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Why choose Ezy Recruit?

  • Massively increased earning potential
  • Become the sole Director and Shareholder  of your own Agency
  • Nationwide network – giving you more credibility when speaking with new clients
  • All funding and admin taken care of
  • The latest software and tools to help you run your business
  • Your own dedicated website, branding and  business stationery provided.